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TopSolid'Cam Hint #153

When a part or an operation is repeated, TopSolid allows you to change any of the parameters of the repeated operation. A red marker indicates that...

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TopSolid'Sheetmetal Hint #152

The TopSolid’Sheetmetal version 2016 allows to mark the parts directly in the nesting. It’s not compulsory any more to mark the part in the PCH...

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TopSolid'Wood Hint #151

Advanced assembly kits use

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TopSolid'Design 7 Hint #150

Creating a component from a parametric symbol

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TopSolid'Cam 7 Hint #149

In 7.9, it's now possible to display the machine in position when you create a tool path. All the previous movements are taken account. On this...

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TopSolid'Sheetmetal Hint #147

As standard in TopSolid’Sheetmetal application you benefit of a task manager. This task manager allows you to save a considerable time in the...

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TopSolid'Cam Hint #146

In TopSolid’Cam, there is an option which allows you to cut a 3D path according to the tool length.  By using 3D in operation manager and “tool...

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TopSolid'SheetMetal Hint #145

TopSolid'SheetMetal 2014 includes a new function for laser cutting. In the case of "low head" cutting operations which could potentially be dangerous...

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TopSolid'Wood Hint #144

The sub slope driver block for interior design

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TopSolid'Cam 7 Hint #143

TopSolid'Cam has very powerful tools to store and standardize your company know-how. Thanks to its methods which are easily generated from an existing...

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